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  • Body Wash For the Whole Family

    Our body washes clean your skin, leaving it feeling healthy and hydrated. Check out the Dial® range of scented body washes. 

  • Bar Soap vs Body Wash

    Before choosing one over the other on a whim, find out what makes bar soap and body wash different and their unique benefits from the experts at Dial® Soap. 

  • Types of Body Wash & What Body Wash Should I Use?

    You might also come to find that body wash can leave you with more than just a pleasant scent after a shower. There are numerous types of body wash that serve a wide array of personal care purposes. 

  • 5 Reasons to Use Refillable Hand Soap at Home

    Discover the versatility, cost effectiveness, convenience, and more benefits of using refillable hand soap at home with tips from the experts at Dial Soap®. 

  • Our Hand Soap Product Range

    Looking for some liquid hand soap? Unsure which one to go for? Learn more about our Dial® Soap product range to discover all the important facts and benefits! 

  • Bar Soap for a Classic Clean

    Think bar soap is old fashioned? Think again. Dial® bar soap for body, hands and face leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized. Discover the range here. 

  • Handwashing: Why, When, and How to Do It

  • Guide to Body Wash Scents: Types of Scents & How to Choose

    A body wash scent can set the tone for your showering routine, and there are many scents to explore. Learn more about choosing a body wash scent from Dial®. 

  • How to Reduce Plastic Use

    At Dial Soap, we value sustainability in our products and partnerships. Learn more about how you too can help support sustainability by reducing your plastic use at home. 

  • All About Antibacterial: What is Antibacterial Soap & Body Wash

    Learn how antibacterial bar soap, hand soap, and body wash work to combat common bacteria in your home from the experts in antibacterial soap at Dial®. 

  • Dry Hands 101: What Causes Dry Hands and How to Help Dry Hands

    Learn how to prevent and soothe dry hands with insight on what causes dry hands and how hand soap can help hydrate your dry skin from the experts at Dial®.