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What is Antibacterial Soap & Body Wash

All About Antibacterial: What is Antibacterial Soap & Body Wash

In recent years, people have put greater emphasis on personal hygiene. With the goal to protect against bacteria and potential illness now a priority, many seek to purchase personal care products like soap and body wash that can do just that. In other words, soaps and body washes with antibacterial ingredients are more important than ever. But what is antibacterial soap? And what are the benefits of using antibacterial soaps and body washes? The experts at Dial®, the #1 Doctor Recommended Antibacterial Hand Soap Brand, have the answers to your antibacterial questions.

What is Antibacterial?

Before you can understand how an antibacterial soap or body wash works, it is important to understand what it means to be antibacterial. A product labeled antibacterial contains an antibacterial ingredient. For example, Dial® antibacterial hand soaps are formulated with a bacteria-killing ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride. This ingredient can kill a wide array of bacteria commonly found inside the home.

What Does Antibacterial Soap Do?

This active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride helps Dial Anti-Bacterial hand soaps kill 99.9% of bacteria found in household settings within 30 seconds. Antibacterial soap can better protect you from commonly transmitted bacteria better than washing your hands with non-antibacterial soap and water. Fewer bacteria on the hands may help prevent illnesses and result in fewer instances of cross-contamination of food and other household surfaces.

Benefits of Antibacterial Soap & Body Wash

Now that you know how antibacterial soap and body washes work, it is important to understand the key benefits of antibacterial soap and body wash. Here are just a few advantages associated with certain types of antibacterial soaps and body washes you can find here at Dial®.

What Does Antibacterial Soap Do?
Benefits of Antibacterial Hand Soap

Benefits of Antibacterial Hand Soap

Dial® antibacterial liquid hand soaps like Lemon & Sage Antibacterial hand soap and Spring Water Antibacterial hand soap use active antibacterial ingredients to kill 99.9% of bacteria encountered in household settings, as does Dial’s line of antibacterial foaming hand soaps. Products such as our Fresh Lavender Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash can help to reduce odors with their soothing scents, along with their anti-bacterial properties. This makes any of these options a wise choice if you’re looking to prioritize your hand hygiene with the added benefit of pleasant scents to fill your kitchen or bathroom. Soothing Manuka Honey Antibacterial & Moisturizing Foaming Hand Soap kills 99.9% of common bacteria while keeping your hands perfectly moisturized with 2x moisturizing ingredients vs ordinary hand soap.

Benefits of Antibacterial Bar Soap

Antibacterial bar soaps have similar benefits to their liquid counterparts. Dial® Gold Antibacterial Bar Soap also kills 99.9% of bacteria encountered in household settings. Those who prefer bar soap to liquid will be pleased to discover that this antibacterial bar soap’s fresh scent and round-the-clock odor protection leave the skin feeling healthy and refreshed. On top of its antibacterial achievements, bar soap can often last longer than liquid soaps, making it a great choice from the Dial® soap collection.

Benefits of Antibacterial Body Wash

The power of antibacterial soap doesn’t have to stop at your hands. You can find antibacterial body wash in the Dial® collection as well. Dial® Apple Blossom Antibacterial Body Wash eliminates 99.9% of bacteria found in most household settings. This subtle floral-scented body wash effectively cleans without drying your skin and keeps you smelling fresh all day. To top it all off, it is dermatologist tested, pH balanced, and this Dial® Skin Smart formula is free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Who Should Use Antibacterial Soap or Body Wash?

Anyone who values good personal hygiene can benefit from using antibacterial soap or body wash. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, using antibacterial soaps both before and after handling food, can also help you combat the spread of bacteria, food-borne illness and cross contamination.

Who Should Use Antibacterial Soap or Body Wash?

Explore Antibacterial & More from Dial®

All in all, antibacterial hand soapsbar soaps, and body washes can serve you in more ways than one. Add these antibacterial products to your inventory to support your hand hygiene and continue to stay ahead of your encounters with common household bacteria. Discover our helpful tips and news, head over to our FAQs to learn even more about antibacterial, and visit our about page to explore the history of the #1 Doctor Recommended Antibacterial Hand Soap Brand, Dial®.