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What Causes Dry Hands and How to Help Dry Hands

Dry Hands 101: What Causes Dry Hands and How to Help Dry Hands

Dry skin is a common problem. Whether it’s the middle of a dry winter or you’re in peak summer heat, dry skin can affect anyone at any time of year. When there’s a lack of moisture, the skin on your hands can become dehydrated, which can lead to cracking, cuts and some discomfort. Even less painful symptoms like itchiness and rough skin are equally frustrating. So, what can you do to avoid dry hands? And if you can’t prevent dry hands, how do you help them?

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the main causes of dry hands and introduce you to our line of hand soaps that are formulated with ingredients to moisturize your skin.

What Causes Dry Hands?

It’s important to understand what causes dry hands to prevent them, whether that’s because you’re using the wrong personal care products or environmental factors are working against you. First, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons your hands are dry, cracked and itchy according to Mayo Clinic. To begin, the environment is a major factor that plays a part in skin dryness. Those living in areas that are extremely cold or low-humidity are prone to dry skin on the hands. This includes indoor factors such as electric and space heaters as well.

There are also a number of behaviors that can contribute to dry hands. Taking showers or baths that are too long or too hot might lead to dehydrated skin. Washing your hands often or scrubbing excessively are also potential culprits.

Medical conditions or treatments for those conditions could also be the cause of your dry hands. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis can lead to dry, itchy or painful skin. On the other hand, some medications have side effects that dry out the skin in several locations across the body including the hands.

The products you use on your skin can truly make the difference between dehydrated skin and smooth, hydrated skin. Hand soap and body wash products containing moisturizing ingredients are must-have in your handwashing and body care routines to combat dry skin.

4 Tips to Help Dry Hands

Now that you understand the potential causes of your dry hands, you can choose the right methods for taking care of their symptoms. Here are four different ways to help your dry hands no matter the cause.

1. Use Proper Handwashing Practices

It's critical to follow proper hand washing procedures to eliminate any dirt your hands may have accumulated during your daily tasks. The CDC recommends wetting your hands with clean water and lathering the entire surface area of your hands, including in between your fingers, the backs of your hands and under your fingernails. Then, , rinse and dry them with a clean paper towel or by air drying to prevent contamination. You can also use hand sanitizer if proper hand washing is not accessible, but be sure to moisturize afterward, as hand sanitizers are known to dry out the hands due to their composition of alcohol.

Use a Moisturizing Hand Soap

2. Use a Moisturizing Hand Soap

Washing your hands properly can not only protect your hands from germs, but it can hydrate your skin well. A hand soap like Coconut Water & Mango Scent is formulated with moisturizers that can hydrate dry skin. a pH balanced and vegan formula that gives you a balanced clean without dryness.

3. Moisturize Dry Skin on Hands

While you can use a moisturizing hand soap like , additional moisturizers can account for excessive washing, scrubbing or environmental factors that lead to dry hands. that moisturizing after washing your hands does not negate your antibacterial efforts. It says that the best way to moisturize hands is to use hand cream that’s free of dyes and fragrances to avoid irritation.

4. Wear Gloves When Doing Chores

In addition to using gloves for hydration, they are also beneficial when it comes to protecting your skin from some of the harsh chemicals that you expose your hands to during everyday activities. Whether you’re cleaning your countertops with a surface cleaner or washing the dishes with a harsh dish detergent or hot water, your hands can become dry and irritated if you come in direct contact with these chemicals. Gloves can help to prevent exposure to materials that will exacerbate hand dryness.

Moisturize Dry Skin on Hands

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While sometimes dry hands are inevitable, there are plenty of ways to both prevent and treat dry hands when they start to affect your everyday life. If you’re interested in learning more about healthy hand washing or looking for tips to use your favorite Dial® products to their fullest potential, check out our latest tips and news and explore the full line of Dial® hand soapsbody washes, and bar soaps.