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Bar Soap vs Body Wash

Bar Soap vs Body Wash

When it comes to your personal hygiene, the soaps or cleansers you use are crucial. Not only are there different types of but each has its own collection of ingredients that make each type useful for your unique needs. Two common cleansers that make up much of our hygienic habits are bar soap and body wash. Bar soap is a solid form of soap that helps remove dirt to keep skin clean. Body wash, on the other hand, takes a more liquid form of soap and typically contains more moisturizing ingredients that cater to an array of skin types.

But their distinctions are more complex than just that. Here, we’ll dive into the differences between bar soap and body wash and the benefits of each so that you can choose which is the best choice for your skin.

What is the Difference Between Bar Soap and Body Wash?

While bar soap and body wash are both cleansers, they have many defining characteristics that set them apart from one another. One of the main differences here is that bar soap is a solid and body wash is a liquid. Bar soap is a longer-lasting, simply constructed, practical cleanser that makes sense for many skin types and situations. Body wash is a liquid soap that is typically made up of more ingredients and has It’s important to know the benefits of body wash vs bar soap so you can weigh the advantages against your skincare needs.

Benefits of Bar Soap

To begin, we’ll start with the key benefits of bar soap.

Bar Soap Can Be Friendlier to the Environment

First and foremost, bar soap is often more environmentally friendly than body wash due to its limited plastic packaging and waste production. Oftentimes, bar soap comes in cardboard or paper packaging that can decompose and stay out of our landfills.

Bar Soap is Travel-Friendly

If you’ve traveled through security at an airport, you know that there are strict rules and regulations limiting the transportation of liquid soaps. Very often, bottles of liquid personal care products are confiscated. Fortunately, bar soap can sidestep some of these obstacles, as there are more lenient guidelines regarding bar soap. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your liquid products behind or purchasing new products when you arrive at your destination.

Travel-Friendly Bar Soap
Benefits of Body Wash

Benefits of Body Wash

Now, we’ll dive into the benefits of body wash and why it may be the right choice for your skin and your needs.

Some Body Washes Offer Additional Benefits, Like Exfoliation

Body washes often offer additional skincare benefits beyond cleansing. An exfoliating body wash like Dial® Himalayan Salt Exfoliate & RestoreTM Body Wash can help clean and smooth the skin. You might also try a pampering body wash that leaves skin hydrated and soft as it cleanses. No matter what your skin type and specific skincare needs are, there is a Dial® body wash out there for you.

Thanks to Packaging, Body Wash can be Shared

Because it’s stored in durable packaging that can be sealed, body wash can be shared. While bar soap is reused again and again, body wash is dispensed as needed, making it a great solution for multiple people in a household.

Ingredients to Look for in Your Body Wash or Bar Soap

Now that you know the benefits of body wash vs bar soap, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the ingredients in whichever product you choose. Some ingredients have several advantages, while it might be wise to avoid others. Below, we’ll discuss which helpful ingredients you’ll find in the Dial® line of bar soaps and body wash.

Moisturizing Oils

Moisturizing oils are commonly found in body washes but can also be found in some bar soaps. Dial® has a Marula Oil Pamper & IndulgeTM Body Wash if you prefer a hydrating liquid to bar soap. This body wash contains micro-oils enveloped in a rich lather that washes cleanly away to leave skin feeling nourished and healthy.

Moisturizing Oils


Silk is a natural protein fiber that enhances the smoothness and softness of skin. Dial® offers a few different body washes and bar soaps with added silk:

The added luxury of silk in your body wash or bar soap increases lather and helps your skin feel softer after every wash.

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Body Wash or Bar Soap

Some ingredients found in bar soap or body wash can cause irritation. These are just a few examples of ingredients you should avoid when choosing which product you should use:

  • Dyes
  • Parabens
  • Silicones

Dial Body Wash products cleanse deep, while being gentle on skin, leaving it feeling soft and healthy. With Vitamin E, all body wash formulas are dermatologist tested and free from parabens, phthalates and silicones.

Explore Body Wash & More from Dial®

When choosing between bar soap vs body wash, Dial® can guide you through the decision. Discover the Dial® collections of bar soaps and body washes containing powerful ingredients that contribute to a healthy, nourishing clean perfect for you and learn more about Dial® today.