Dial Supports Teachers Dial Supports Teachers

Dial® is collaborating with DonorChoose and TeacherLists to continue helping teachers and supporting healthy hygiene habits in school

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DonorsChoose is an education nonprofit that allows individuals to donate to public school classrooms. This year, Dial is donating

  • $100,000 to health and wellness projects from schools with more than three quarters of students from low income households.
  • 20,000 bottles of hand soap to public school teachers

Learn more at DonorsChoose.org/dial to see which teacher projects we're helping.

Dial Supports Teachers Dial Supports Teachers

Dial will strengthen the brand's commitment to supporting teachers this year through a new collaboration with TeacherLists, which is an organization that makes it easier than ever to create, share, and shop school supply lists. This year, with the help of TeacherLists, Dial is providing

  • 21,000 hand soap bottles to teachers

Find your child's back to school list with TeacherLists here.

Dial is proud to help support the wellbeing of teachers, students, and their classrooms through these collaborative efforts. Teachers have the great responsibility of molding and shaping students for the future, and Dial wants to ensure that those who are educating the next generation have the tools that they need to succeed.

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