iconTurn off the water while brushing your teeth and lathering

iconUse only cold water to wash your hands and brush your teeth

iconReduce the length of your shower

iconUse water-saving shower heads and faucets

Water temperature


Shower head

Water temperature

Water amount



Water temperature

Water amount

water keeps running:

Water temperature


Water amount

Water consumption

Your total water consumption per bathroom visit is:


Carbon footprint*

Your total CO2 emission is:

[SUM-CO2] CO2e

* The carbon footprint shows the ecological assessment of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product life cycle.

For comparsion

[SUM-CO2] CO2e means: an average mid-sized car produces about the same CO2 emission as one bathroom visit during a [DISTANCE] drive

The costs

Your total costs of each bathroom visit amount to about: [SUM-MONEY-SINGLE].

The annualised rate is about