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Clean + Education

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A clean so refreshing
you can feel it

Moisturizing benefits
for thirsty skin

A daily dose of
nutrition for your skin

Clean + Fresh

A clean so refreshing
you can feel it


How you wash your hands is as important as what you use to clean them.

Lather vigorously for at least 20 seconds
Which is just about the same amount of time to sing one of these classics:
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
"Happy Birthday"
or just recite your ABCs

When is just as critical. To keep your hands fresh and help reduce the spread of germs, it's essential to wash them:

  • After using the bathroom
  • After changing a diaper (wash the diaper-wearer's hands, too.)
  • After touching animals or animal waste
  • Before and after preparing or handling food, especially raw meat, poultry or fish
  • Before eating
  • After shaking hands
  • After blowing your nose
  • After coughing or sneezing into your hands
  • Before and after treating wounds or cuts
  • Before and after touching a sick or injured person
  • After handling money
  • After handling garbage
  • Before inserting or removing contact lenses
  • When using public restrooms
  • After using public transportation

Don't sweat it.

Dial® has you covered

Sweat is not the cause of body odor; bacteria is.
Dial® products are formulated to kill germs and
bacteria, including the ones that can cause odor.

Studies have shown dial® hand sanitizer kills 99.99% in 15 seconds.

Clean + Moisture

Moisturizing benefits
for thirsty skin


The balance  of skin hydration.

Clean skin doesn’t have to be dry. That’s why Dial® soaps and body washes are formulated with extra moisturizers to help you and your family maintain a healthy level of skin hydration.

  • UV Rays
  • Dry Air
  • Pools

UV rays, dry air & chemicals found in
swimming pools can rob your skin of
essential moisture throughout the day.

Some moisturizers leave a filmy residue.

Moisturizers that come clean.

Every Dial® moisturizing hand soap and body wash is made to rinse clean, to leave skin feeling soft and naturally smooth - without the filmy residue some moisturizers leave behind.

Dial® moisturizing products rinse away clean.

Say that again?

Dial® Triple Moisture Body Wash provides 3x more moisture than regular body washes.

Made with: Shea Butter, Jojoba Butter, Mango Butter.

Clean + Nourish

A daily dose of nutrition
for your skin


Antioxidants are part of a healthy diet.

But did you know they're
also important for maintaining
healthy skin?

Antioxidants help protect

your skin from environmental stresses such as smog, car exhaust and other pollutants.

Take care
of your skin today,

to keep it healthy and vibrant tomorrow.

Dial® offers a range of products with Antioxidant benefits, for healthier skin.

New Dial® skin therapy himalayan pink salt replenishing body wash

Is known to contain 84 skin-nourishing minerals & elements that help promote Healthy, Soft Skin!

Dial lotion is the
first lotion to provide
7 days of extra MOISTURE!*